Hot Lunch Term 2

Hello Sperling Families!

As Term 2 starts, so do the hot lunches! We are up and running on munchalunch. Our direct link is /

This set of lunches is from January 24 till March 15. This term will we also give back to the Grade 7 grad fund with proceeds from this pizza day to go towards their grad dinner.  So the more pizza we order- the more money for Sperling graduates! 

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 

Thanks for your continued support, 

Hot Lunch Team

Kristy Scarcelli & Tina Belac

Traffic Safety Letter

Monday December 10th, 2018

Dear Parents and Families,

I am sending out a message to all our families in hopes of raising more awareness on the importance of safety when parking and driving around our schools. We all know parking is horrible and I do understand the frustration of not being able to find a spot without parking a mile away and you may be rushing to get your child to school on time, however I want to remind you all that our children are worth the small sacrifice of walking a little or coming a little earlier to find parking.

I personally stand with a sign after school on Hycrest everyday helping children cross the street and making sure they get to their rides safely but like most of you I work and can’t make it in the mornings so I do what I can and it is only 1⁄2 hour a day but I know children are crossing the street safely. I even have my friend Ella (a student from Sperling) handing out a letter she wrote to parents asking for them to park appropriately and be aware.

Although Ella is helping, I am hoping to get some more volunteer parents to help cross in the mornings and afternoons on Hycrest (By the teachers parking lot and by the stop sign closest by Sperling) and on Adair (3 Parents). What this would require is for you to come 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after the children are in school or after school.

I have had many parents and children thank me for keeping them safe but if this isn’t enough one of our own Sperling children was hit by a car on the corner of Sperling and Hycrest in the morning and I have been made aware that a couple of other Sperling children were almost struck by a car on Adair when a car was speeding in a school zone.  

I am not sure what else to do but to reach out to all of you and remind you to please drive with care, slow down, no U-turns where children are crossing or back up where you might not be able to see them. I know this seems like common sense to some, but I have seen it and it worries me and I think we need to stand up and let them know it’s not safe.

I don’t want my children to have a memory of seeing a friend get hurt or worse when it is something we can prevent. I talked to a Sperling dad who is a fire fighter and he mentioned that getting hit by a car is a common occurrence but let’s not make it common at our school.  

Also, if you can volunteer some time to come out and help (I know it is not the best job in the world) but all we want is our children to be safe.

Please contact me if you are interested and remind yourselves that when you are driving always be aware and keep the children’s safety in mind.

Thank you,Kelly Zecca (PAC Chair)

PAC Holiday Plants Fundraiser   - Extended

Hello Sperling Parents,

The Holiday Plant Fundraiser has been extended.  You have until the end of Monday, December 3rd to order some really beautiful poinsetta arrrangements.  Please go to and register yourself and view the different plants available for puchase.  This website is the same as the one you go to for ordering PAC hot lunches. 

PAC Holiday Plants Fundraiser

I apologize I couldn't combine this information with the previous email regarding the PAC Shop Funds Fundraiser.  I know you receive a lot of information from the school!

This is another important fundraiser that the PAC wanted to get out as soon as possible since the deadline is next Wednesday, November 28th.  Another great opportunity to help the PAC raise some money for our Sperling School which will benefit all the children here.   Please take a look at the attached flyer.  Many PAC fundraising events/orders can now be done through the new system the PAC has set up through the  "Munch a Lunch" Program.  Please go to the website: to sign-up and get information on ordering the Holdiay Plants.  Some beautiful looking plants to decorate your home and anybody else's home you think might need help with some Christmas pizzazz!

Hard copies will also be distributed to students tomorrow so look for it when they come home.  Thanks!

Shop Funds Fundraiser

Ho, Ho, Ho - Merry Shopping!  Just in time for Christmas, the PAC's first of the year Shop Funds Fundraiser gets underway today.  Introduction letter & order forms go out today with your children.  Please take a look for the information in their backpacks.  We have also enclosed the digital copies in this email.

Great way to raise funds for the school and do your Christmas shopping or in fact ANY kind of shopping at the same time, since big department stores, grocery foodchain stores. etc. are some of the retailers that take part in this program.

Shop away. ;-)

PAC Executive Meeting
Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

6:30pm followed by ;

PAC General Meeting

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

School Library
Everyone is Welcome!
Child minding and
light refreshments

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Update

Hello Sperling Parents,

The Reduce, Reuse, Recyle event was scheduled for this Saturday, November 17th in the school gym.  Unfortunately, there were not enough tables purchased to warrant reserving the school gym, etc., so this PAC sponsored event will be rescheduled for the Spring time (probably some time in March).  This should give parents more time to prepare and do some good Spring cleaning!

The good thing however, is that the people who did plan to sell at the event will still be selling their items at one of the PAC members' home.  The home address is 6623 Kendale Court in Burnaby.   The date and time will be exactly the same.  Saturday, November 17th from 9:30 to 1:30.  Please feel free to drop by and check out the sale and help reduce what goes in to our landfills!

Sperling PAC

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" Sale in the Gym on Saturday, November 17th from 9:30-1:30:

Any parent interested in renting a table should go to school cash on-line and make their payment.  This will be set up later today.  This is the best way to make the payment since again PAC parents are volunteering their time, and having it done on-line prevents human error and the amount of time required to sort, count the cash, go to the bank and make the deposit, etc., etc..  If you absolutely cannot do it via school cash, then cash/cheque can be handed in to the office, with the registration details form, which will be going out to students some time this week.

Cost of a rented table is $50 and must be paid by Friday, November 16th to secure a spot. All proceeds of rented tables will be donated to our School. Any money earned at your table from the sale may be yours to keep. If you are concerned that you may not have enough "stuff" to sell to warrant the $50 table fee, you can always partner up with another family and share a table together. Tables are: 30' x 60' in size.  "What you pack in, you must pack out".   Table setup will be available between 8am-9:30am on Saturday morning.

Please note, the purpose of this sale is to help you reduce , reuse, and recycle. This is not intended as a bake sale/craft sale.

If you have any questions, you can email

PAC Hot Lunch 2018/19

Hello Sperling parents,

The first hot lunch of the year is happening on Friday, Nov. 9th.  The kids will be having pizza. 
Please see attached the new ordering system for our PAC Hot Lunches. 
Please read carefully to register. 
Again, ordering your lunches this way will be so much more time/cost effective than submitting cash/cheque. 
The PAC parents do their very best and have a lot on the go so if we can make it easier for them it is greatly appreciated. 
The link to go to is:
Again, please read the attached document. 

Sperling PAC Parent Donation

I have attached the Sperling PAC donation form which has also been distributed to kids (hard copies) so you should be receiving it from child in the next day or so.  We would just like to point out that the best way for everybody, to donate, is to actually donate through the "Make a Donation" button that was set up by the District for all schools to use.  This button can be found by going to your School Cash On-line webpage and clicking on the top right hand link called "items".  Here is where you see all your items that you have available to purchase.  You will see the "Make a Donation" button on this page up toward the right of the screen. You can then select the school "Sperling" and in the comments, write in 'PAC".    This makes it easier for everyone.  Parents will get a tax receipt immediately upon making the donation.  PAC parents will not have to count all money and then complete a very detailed spreadsheet that is sent to the District in order to have tax receipts issued.  This is very time consuming for everyone and since the PAC parents are volunteering their time, donating via the District button, makes it much simpler for everyone involved.

Thank you for your time and help!

Sperling Elementary School

Head Lice Information 

 Pumpkin Patch

PAC  Bottle Drive.  

As part of the fundraising for the grade 7 grads, a recycling account has been set up at the KENSINGTON RETURN IT CENTRE at 6518 Hasting St.
It’s been an ongoing tradition and a great way to fund raise without any cost to you. The program is very simple: 

1) Put all your recycling in a plastic garbage bag, you can mIx the bottles and cans - NO SORTING REQUIRED
2) Go to EXPRESS DROP OFF kiosk and follow instructions - Account Number: 604 123 4567 - will pull up as SPERLING GRAD ACCOUNT - Enter number of bags, place sticker on bags and put it in the bin It’s that simple!

We thank you for your support 😁

PAC Clothing Drive

Sounds like the PAC clothing drive as a great success.  

Dear Families,
Our clothing drive from Oct 1-Oct 9th was a huge success!! We collected 3566 lbs of clothing/shoe's/bag's/ext giving us a total of $784.52!!! 

We are planning on doing another clothing drive from April 1-April 9th and the company said if we get over 6000 lbs we will receive an extra $100.00! 

I will send out a reminder closer to the date and wanted to thank you all for participating. 

PAC President, Kelly Zecca

Dear Families of Sperling Elementary School, 

My name is Kelly Zecca and I am going to be your new PAC Chair for 2018/2019 year. I wanted
to send you all a personal note letting you know a little bit about me and what your PAC members are
hoping to bring to Sperling for the upcoming year. I have been a part of this school for 8 years now and I
also participate in some volunteer duties that also include the parking on Hycrest street (Yes, I am the
lady that stands with the vest and might have asked you to move your car). I hope being at the school
daily gives all of you an opportunity to come and talk or ask questions in person. I want to be someone
you can approach and ask what our programs are about because I know how hard it is to volunteer for
something you know nothing about.

I will expand more in September again, but we hope to find ways to bring us all together and
support one another plus find ways of communicating with parents. We know how hard it is to keep on
top of things at school when you don’t know what’s coming so we will do our best to find ways of
supporting you. On this note we know volunteering is sometimes hard but we will do our best to
support you we hope you will be able to do the same. Together anything is possible, so let’s lead by
example and show our children how uniting can only lead to success!

We also want to try to fundraise in ways that are not so tough on the wallet. One idea that PAC
has done and has been successful is the clothing drive in October. We provided bins at the school and all
you needed to do is add clothing, shoes/boots, bags/luggage or sheets and blankets. These items do not
need to be in perfect shape and the way we get money is by weight…the heavier the better!! We raised
over $700.00 and are hoping to do another one from April 1-April 9 th . So, if you can please keep your
bags of clothes for April.

I will work hard and do my best to support the parents and our kids at Sperling Elementary!!

Kelly Zecca

Please feel free to contact me by email at or in person.


You! Every parent/guardian of a Sperling Student is part of the PAC


Support the school to enhance our children's education.


By volunteering our time and raising funds to be used towards: 

  • Field Trips
  • Sports
  • Arts and Music
  • Literacy
  • Technology
  • Student Events
  • Classroom Supplies


Can you spare a few hours? We are all busy parents but even a few hours makes a big difference.